ILC represents a cross-section of our community and the world. Visitors may find that the way we worship can seem different or unfamiliar. Here are some frequently asked questions but the responses are just a guideline that you may find helpful as you consider visiting.

Am I welcome at Holy Communion?
Yes. Immanuel Lutheran Church practices an "Open Table" as God welcomes all to this holy meal. As a general guideline, if you take communion in your own congregation, you can take communion at ILC. At the time of communion, simply come forward and cup your hands as a sign of your openness to receive communion. We celebrate Holy Communion on the 1st and 3rd weeks of the month.

What if the idea of "going to church" is totally overwhelming to me?
It’s always hard to come to a new place. We don’t want you to feel overwhelmed; we want you to feel welcomed and comfortable. On Sunday mornings, we have greeters at the door to welcome you. Ushers are at the doors of the sanctuary to share a worship bulletin with you – and to answer any questions you may have. After service, join us in the Fellowship Hall for coffee and sweet and/or healthy treats. If a more casual experience is what you are looking for, check out our Wednesday night worship. It is a smaller gathering of people in a more relaxed atmosphere. Feel free to come in and sit wherever you are comfortable. The service is also informal and shorter (45 minutes). If you still feel overwhelmed, feel free to stop by the church during the week or call to make an appointment to visit with the pastor.

What should I wear?
Come as you are! Most dress in business casual but also come in jeans, shirts, skirts or whatever is comfortable.

What do Lutherans believe?
The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has a resource that answers this question well. Click here to learn more about being a Lutheran Christian.